What is a hashtag and why would I use one? #WhatIsAHashTag

Posted on July 30, 2014 by Kim Carruthers

If you use social media the question 'what are these # all about?" may have crossed your mind.

These two articles, one by Shopify and one from Mashable really answer the "so what is a hashtag" question well

No a hash tag isn't something that you use to keep track of your drugs, it is a way of grouping content on social media.



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Social Media– Listening to your customers

Posted on August 15, 2012 by 55474082

The recent fur ball with Target and age inappropriate clothing is a really good case study about why you need social media, and why you need to listen, listen, listen (and monitor your pages).


For those who haven’t followed the story, a parent complained on Target’s Facebook page about the “trampy” fashion for young girls at Target, and attracted a storm of agreement, bringing Target into the media spotlight.



While this public storm may seem detrimental to Target’s image, handling it well has helped them build their brand profile, and they are now aware of the number of customers who feel that way, because social media is a way they can hear their customers.


I shopped there last year and came home remarking ‘not so much want to get laid as want to get paid’, but Target can’t hear what I bitch to my friends, they can however listen to what is said on their Facebook page.


But like Target, you need to watch what is happening, take a deep breath, wait until you are calm, and respond reasonably and appropriately.

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Always open?

Posted on August 05, 2012 by Kim Carruthers

QR codes on windowYour shop is closed. Even you need to sleep sometime.

A customer is standing in front of your shop window admiring something in your shop window.

How easy are you making it for your client to buy that product right now?

I hope you at least have your web address printed on your shop window.

But you can make it even easier.


A QR code (aka 2D barcode) is a picture that has a web address in it. That customer can point their mobile phone camera at it, click the find button, and instantly be taken to any webpage you desire, for example your web page front page, your products pages, your Facebook, twitter or Linked in pages.

How do you do it? Easy, find a QR code generator on the web (see below) and put in the web address you want. It will generate a .jpg file that you can put into your printed materials (e.g. the back of your business card, fliers, window signage, and even on your physical products).


Here is a code generator from Telstra that also lets you set up your QR code to allow your customers to SMS or email you, call you or display text on their phone (useful if you want to display more information about a specific product)

REMEMBER: Always test your QR codes before putting them into your documentation, and again after you’ve had your documents printed and before distributing them to customers!

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Using excerpts when blogging - improve your search engine ratings (SEO)

Posted on May 09, 2012 by Kim Carruthers

Shopify lets you copy and paste a part of your blog articles to an ‘excerpt’. shopify excerpt This does two things – if you are using the ‘show blog on front page’ option or pushing your blog to Facebook, it means you choose the best piece text which goes to the front page. It also means that users only download the excerpt initially (giving them faster browsing) and then they click through to see the remaining text if they want to, which gives your site more ‘clicks’ (which improves your Google ranking). It is not difficult to use – just create your blog post, then copy the piece you want, click add excerpt and paste it in there. Remember to save your blog afterwards.

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