About your business

Your About page should help your potential clients trust you. So tell them who you are, why you are in business, what inspires you about your business and why you are good at it.

 About eChic

I'm Kim Carruthers.  I started my career with a Business degree (I have a Master of Management Studies with Distinction).  
I then developed my IT skills as a Consultant and Manager for Andersen Consulting (Accenture).
Now I work with entrepreneurs to clarify their business needs and find the best, fastest and most cost-effective way to meet those needs on the web. The most important skill I bring is the ability to look at your whole business, not just the technology. I explain what your options are in English, not Technicalese and help you make informed choices.
I also have Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, which helps me provide great training to my clients who want to learn to manage their website content themselves. I love this work because it lets me work with small businesses - their drive, motivation and passion is contagious.

But most importantly, I run a small business too. I understand the juggling act that makes building or updating your website something you just want to get off the todo list and into the hands of a team who can make it easy for you.

The eChic Team


Belinda does beautiful graphic design work, logos and social media.  Her prior experience in the medical world and electrical engineering is put to good use on websites for our Health and Technology clients. She looks surprisingly good in overalls and a hard hat, and has a passion for interior design.



Jo is our graphic design lead. She has a BA in Marketing and a wealth of experience in customer service, strategic marketing and branding. She makes sure the look of your site suits your brand, product and message. She was also an champion archer.



Tina brings along her previous experience as a Senior IT Business Analyst for companies such as Fuji Xerox and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. In addition she is our maintenance lead, so updates to your site come under her wing.  She loves art, costuming and event planning.



Nicole makes sure we keep everything running to schedule.  Nicole is also our domain goddess, making sure your new site shows up at your www address, and can set up email for you if desired. She coaches netball and keeps the eChics on the ball.



Rochelle is our Shipping and Apps guru - if it needs to be shipped, or requires an app, she is your woman. Her terrier Tilly has made every day #bringyourdogtoworkday and features frequently in our instagram posts.




Chong knows all about liquid coding, html, javascript and css, so that you don't have to!  He likes playing basketball and chilling with his friends.