Site Review Service

Often merchants who have built their own stores come to us with the following sorts of concerns:

We haven't had many sales since setting up our site, are are looking for someone to help understand how we can improve our store and attract customers. Looking for some guidance and assurance on the following: - ways to speed up our website speed, and improve the general flow of website and increase conversions.

For that reason eChic have developed a site review and recommendation service. It covers...



- identifying any slow pages
- recommending best ways to fix them.

SEO hygiene

- does your site have the fundamentals right for SEO
- broken links,
- missing and duplicated tags,
- missing meta descriptions,
- badly formatted urls

Site trust indicators

- are you doing anything that makes customers think your site is dodgy
- quality of the English
- consistency of formatting
- missing pages
- lack of supplier information
- quality of imagery

Marketing flow

- how many clicks does it take to reach checkout?
- is it easy to find buttons

Communicating your offering

- is it easy to understand what you are selling
- why should I buy it from you
- do you have clear calls to action?


- can the menus be accessed easily
- are there issues with contrast
- does it work in bad lighting
- is it bifocal friendly

Mobile friendly

- Does the site perform well on a mobile phone?

Checkout/payment//shipping test

- Can users actually buy successfully
- Does it work on mobile

If that sounds like what you need let's discuss it further.