Disaster Recovery

Shit happens. How do you reduce the clean up?

Being in business is inherently risky. You can reduce that risk by knowing:

- What CAN go wrong

- What you can do to PREVENT it happening

- What you can do to reduce the impact if it DOES happen.


We've seen clients suffer everything from a building burning down to sudden loss of a staff member and accidentally sabotaging their own database. 

While some problems aren't possible to totally prevent, having a plan in place for when the unthinkable happens makes it eaiser for you to respond (rather than react) in a calm and controlled manner, with the tools and information at hand to manage the situation.


eChic offers you multiple approaches to preparing and manitaining your disaster  readiness.


Plan 1: Disaster Recovery Lite 

Our DR Lite pack gives you the questions to ask yourself to identify your potential trouble spots. We then spend 2 hours discussing with you how to mitigate and respond to those risks, and you can action those plans. We also offer a quarterly revisit to help you keep your toolkit up to date.


Plan 2: Disaster Recovery Fundamentals

We have an intial conversation with you to identify your risks. We provide written recommendations on what you need to do to prevent/respond to those risks. 

We then have a quarterly reaassessment with you to make sure your DR Plan stays up to date, and to identify new risks that may arrise.


Plan 3: Disaster Recovery In Action

eChic will work with you to identify your risks.  

We then provide written advice on approaches to mitigate and respond to those risks.

eChic then assist with that preparation for you (for example one step could be for us to prepare a check list for your delivery drivers covering off what to do if they have a traffic accident, hit a dog, break down, discover obscene graffiti on the van, or miss a delivery).