bar code scannerDoes stocktaking and updating inventory do your head in? Is it a painstaking process to pull up each item and change stock levels when you receive a shipment or do an off-web order?

A low cost bar code scanner (I got one for $26 online) can make all the difference.

Simply print out a bar code for each of your SKUs - there is a free option here and plug in your scanner (mine worked out of the box).

Then instead of typing the SKU or product t
itle into any field in Shopify (e.g. the product, inventory or add to order search box), just click in it with your cursor, and point your scanner at the bar code for that item.

You can stick the bar codes onto a big sheet of card, or glue them on the shelf where the item lives so that you can easily find and change the inventory record as you re-stock the item. 

This option is also handy if you end up doing a lot of offline orders via the admin/settings/orders panel - rather than typing in the product title or SKU, just scan it.

Hope this helps...

bar code of name kim carruthers