6 ways to build your business using Pokémon Go

How can I sell more using pokemon goYou've by now seen lots of kids wandering around talking excitedly about the Pokémon they've just hatched. Not to mention the odd exhausted dog wondering why he's been taken for 6 walks today. So how do your serve your Pokémon Go playing customers and potential customers better? 

There are two kinds of places in the game that you need to know about:  

At Gyms players battle their Pokémon to get control of that location for their team.

are places around town where players stop to get extra potions and Poké Balls. Even if your business isn't a PokéStop there is likely to be one nearby. Figure out where it is, and consider what you can do to direct some of that traffic your way - it could be something as simple as moving your sandwich board so it can be seen from that spot. 

Players head towards both of these places several times a day, and you can use that to draw in more customers.

So how do you go about it?

You can put 'Lure Modules' on PokéStops. When they've been activated, lure modules attract wild Pokémon. You could buy a package of lure modules and advertise a "'Gotta catch 'em all Lure Party" if your shop is  near enough to a PokéStop.  It's a cheap and easy form of marketing (get in now before Pokemon realizes how valuable this is to business and ups the price!).

How do you do this? First create a Pokémon Go account - you can download the app for free from the Apple App store or Google Play. Then just  buy a package of lure modules (cash), and then set them up at your nearest PokéStop. Each lure is active for half an hour, but you can use them one after the other to make the lure event last as long as you like. Pair the party with in store or online deals that run for the duration.

Things to know about Pokémon Lure modules:

  • They work for all players, not just the one player who drops the lure module.  
  • Players spot a PokéStop that has a lure module by the shower of petals around it on their map screen. Players sometimes receive them as a reward for leveling up, but you canbuy Lure modules at the PokéShop for 100 Pokécoins each - or about AU$1.50.  

    2. Host a Poké-walk or Poké-hunt

    This is a great approach to use if you don't have a gym or PokéStop near you.

    Just advertise the date and time of your hunt, and when everyone arrives go for a stroll around your area, arriving back at your door to refuel (particularly good for cafes and restaurants) and to compare their hauls. Plan your route with accessibility, safety, fun and PokéStops in mind.  You could use a lure module for a Pokémon bonanza at the end to complete the experience.

    If your business is closer to a Pokémon Gym get players to come to you by hosting a tournament. Advertise in advance, offering prizes to the players who battle and become gym leaders. To keep hold of their gyms, teams need multiple members to defend them, so this approach has the added advantage of gaining groups of customers. 

     4. Blog about it

    There are lots of great blog angles here. Relate your products to the hunt. Kids are burning more shoe leather right now than ever before. Why are your sneakers perfect for the intrepid PokéHunter?  What are the best ways to keep your kids sun protected while out hunting?  How does the coinage system teach kids about financial responsibility?   

    5. Meme it up in your Social Media posts

    I'm still giggling at the meme of the exhausted Alsatian asking "what is this Pokémon Go thing anyway?"   And with lots of 'in game' words to chose from (incense, balls, incubators, lures, eggs, coins and all the creature names) you've got to find something there you can work with. 

    6. Show your customers you care

    It isn't all about sales. Be the good guy:

    • Have a conversation with the kids about their latest captures so mum can shop for a few minutes in peace. Good starting questions are "What level are you on", "How do eggs hatch". "What does that evolve into?".
    • Put water out for that exhausted dog.
    • Smile at the excited kid who strays on to your lawn.
    • Be prepared to brake - kids will be kids.

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