Adding a link to another page from an existing product page


First copy the link of the destination page – e.g. if you want to link to the dinosaur 5-drawer cabinet:

How to add links



Next type the text you want to link (or highlight a photo or video), highlight it, and click on the link tool:

How to add links

Paste in the link you copied (it should always start with http) and give it a title then save it.

How to add links

Now you can test it.





You can also add links to phone numbers or email addresses


A phone number link


Instead of starting with http:


Tel:+{country code}{area code without a zero}{phone number without spaces}

So to call Australia 02 9355 5555

You would link to



An email address link

Instead of starting with http:  it starts with mailto:


So to add an email linto to

the link would be