The New Year is a great time to set some website goals. Here are mine: a) Blog more regularly. I think a lot of us are guilty of neglecting our blogs.

It is so easy to overlook this in the daily rush, but remember – if you aren’t communicating with your customers, your competitors will be. I need to add a note to my diary to blog, and also PLAN my blog – it is easy to dash off a few lines on a known topic.

Quite another thing to come up with a topic first. But if I sit down a few months in advance, think about what is going on (seasonal sales? Cyber Monday? Winter? Festivals

a) it is easy to come up with a list of topics that meet your needs.

b) Update content. Search Engines love fresh content, but more importantly so do your customers (and most importantly, prospective customers).

My excuse is that I’m so busy taking care of your website I neglect my own. Sometimes it is something as simple as having misplaced the password. Figure out what is stopping you and knock it down (yes, I’ve just reset my admin password).

Old content makes visitors wonder if you are still in business c) Talk my customers. Asking what our customers want from our website provides surprises. Do they want the prices called out up front? Are your shipping rates hard to find? Are they looking for reassurance that you really will deliver?

Only by asking will you find this out. So those are my resolutions. I’m going to write a blog plan and put dates in my diary to hold myself to account.