Selling your designs in small runs on lots of different things


Have you ever wanted to sell your design on t-shirts, jandles, aprons, tote bags or canvases, but not wanted to take the risk of printing a batch (in all different sizes and colours) first?

Take a look at

CafePress lets you upload your design, ‘add’ it to a number of products, and list those products for sale, all without producing anything until someone actually buys one.


The upside is that this approach is very low risk – it lets you try out a lot of different ideas and see what works.

The downside is that you don’t make so much on the initial items.

And with any site like this, read the fine print carefully and make sure who has the copywrite at any given time.


[please note, I’m not endorsing this particular website, just making you aware that there are services out there that do this.]