Video library

These are some very quick videos we've prepared to help with common Shopify tasks. Some might be meant for older versions of Shopify, but they should still help you figure things out.


Shopify Setup - general

Uploading and Inserting a link to a .pdf .txt .docx etc file in Shopify
Adding web, mail or phone links to Shopify
How to make telephone numbers click-able, by adding a TEL: hotlink.
Adding an image, link and page to Shopify (e.g. to add a size chart to a product)
How to add icons to Shopify front page using link lists
How to add an image (jpg etc) to a Shopify Page
How to embed a google map in a Shopify (or any) web page
Creating a Page, adding an Image and adding the page to Navigation in Shopify
Shopify - collect data in shopping cart - drop down.
How to set up the contact page, including hot links to email and phone numbers, in Shopify
Adding images to Shopify product and collection pages (also works for blog posts etc)
How to change words on the Shopify screen such as 'Buy Now' or 'No products found in this collection'" without needing to code

Shopify Setup - blogs

Using blogs for news and testimonials in Shopify. Articles vesrus blogs.
How to setup Shopify blogs for News, Testimonials +Media. The difference between adding blog article and blog.

Shopify Setup - checkout

Setting up Bank Deposit and other custom payment methods. (Bank deposits need to be manually reconciled!)
Adding paypal express checkout to Shopify

Shopify Setup - collections

How to add collections to Shopify (see also next post on how to add collections to navigation)

Shopify Setup - navigation

Adding collections etc to your Shopify navigation so that users can get to them
Shopify - Adding contact (or any) page to navigation menu.
How to add drop-down navigation link lists to Shopify websites

Shopify Setup - orders

How do I process orders I've received in my Shopify store - by

Shopify Setup - product

Removing a variant size
Adding a single size variant to a Shopify product
Shopify - setting product inventory policy to don't allow to buy when out of stock
How do I add a product to Shopify? Single Variant product, with Jewellery industry examples by
Adding OPTIONS (e.g. colour, size, type) to Shopify products then setting up those variants
Adding Shopify products with variants/options, with common errors demonstrated and explained
Easily copy photos and images from other websites for your Shopify products, collections, pages or blog posts.


Shopify Themes

How to update front page carousel / sliders via Theme Settings in Shopify
Using different Google web fonts in a Shopify theme
Shopify - How to duplicate themes and rename
Shopify: how to swap between different installed themes in Shopify. - how to add a new theme to your shopify site and how to duplicate or back up a Shopify theme
How to re-size an image in Photoshop (and upload as a Shopify Slider).
How to view theme pre-set options in Shopify
How to buy a Shopify theme without having to go through preview mode. kim @


Shopify Domain Mapping

Part 1: how to map your Shopify web address to your correct domain name (
Part 2: how to map from shopify to your own web address/domain name/url
Part 3: Making your myshopify site show up at your own web address, remove customer password, set primary domain

Crazy Domains Email

How to check your crazy domains email on their server
How to check/send email on the crazy domains server


How to add someone as a manager on your (business) facebook PAGE. by eChic
How to create a business facebook page


Creating a MailChimp autoresponder - sorry this is a bit rough.
How to create a mailing list in Mailchimp (next broadcast tells you how to integrate that with Shopify site)
Install Chimpified ap to automatically add email of users who allow marketing on checkout to your Mailchimp list
How to get the code you need from mailchimp and add a mailchimp newsletter sign up to your Shopify store

Photoshop for Shopify

How to make images square in photoshop
Making images square using photoshop