Are you ready to start, sell, market or even build your business online, no matter what business in you are in Shopify is the platform for you.

What is Shopify? An easy to use online shop package that helps you create everything from products to blogs, and gives you lots and lots of display options to make your site look great.

eChic are Shopify enthusiasts and nominated Shopify Experts.  We love Shopify because:

  • it is really easy to use - making it simple for you to do the day to day running of the shop and most of the routine updates yourself.
  • Shopify's customer service is very friendly and exceptionally helpful.
  • our clients love Shopify too and constantly tell us how easy they find it to maintain their new stores compared to previous stores, which makes us confident that it is the right long time choice for their business.

Shopify is a wonderfully intuitive tool - you may even get your shop up an running without needing our help at all, or just call us to make the few last tweaks to get you over the line.  To learn more about using Shopify to create your online store contact eChic.

View some of our past clients who currently use Shopify here.