Native Wolf Pet Tags


Platform:  Shopify
Industry:  Pet Supplies

Native Wolf Pet Tags love their pets and know what it’s like to have them as part of a family. Liz and her husband get great pleasure in hand making metal tags for other people’s pets and see each tag as a unique piece of art that is an extension of a pet’s personality. Every tag made by Native Wolf Pet Tags is made with love and remains special to them.

In August we enjoyed publishing created new cheerful, friendly look using an upgraded Turbo theme by Out of the Sandbox so that their theme was Shopify 2.0 compliant. 

In our upgrade we had success utilising the Shopify 2.0 Search & Discovery app along with new product metafields to better filter the collections for the pet owner looking for a specific type of themed tag.  We also reintegrated the HEXTOM Product Options app to enable variants and engraving details to be entered.   More fun was had with the Textbox app and a scrolling shipping information bar on the homepage. 

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