Shopify provides your SSL certificate.

As part of our Quality Assurance process, eChic checks the SSL certificate has been activated for your Shopify store.  The SSL Certificate is activated after you have selected a Shopify Plan and your website is live (password removed).

Having SSL certificates on your online Shopify store lets you:

  • add a new layer of security—256-bit encryption—to your online store by using HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • builds customer trust by displaying the SSL padlock icon beside your online store's URL
  • improve your google ranking
  • secure your customer's browser so information they enter in any secured page is protected.

Next time you look at the url for your website, look for https and the padlock icon.  It should look like this: 

Active SSL image


If your store url is still showing http:// or you would like further explanation please email me   

eChic Team Member/ Domain Goddess!