Tub Lid

Product Details

  • Small Lid - Fits 14L Gorilla Tubs
  • Medium Lid - Fits 15L & 26L Gorilla Tubs
  • Large Lid - Fits 38L Gorilla Tubs
  • Large Lid has hinged center lines for easy access

More Information

Need stackable storage? With the addition of Red Gorilla Tubtops, your Gorilla Tubs are transformed into the ultimate solution. Available in small (for 14L Gorilla Tubs), medium (for 15L & 26L Gorilla Tubs) and large (for 38L Gorilla Tub), the Red Gorilla Tubtops are made of the same solid, food grade safe plastic.

Available in 3 sizes Red Gorilla Tubtops let you protect the contents of your Gorilla Tub, keeping it fresh, dry and dust-free. They’re perfect for food storage, and strong enough to keep Rover out of the kibble supply.

Grab a Lid for your Gorilla Tub, and get a stack of organisation!

Make Gorilla Tubs Stackable – just add lids!