Shoofly Horse Boots

The Shoofly Horse Boots are THE best product to protect your horse's legs from flies and biting insects.

The breathable plastic mesh has sewn-in stays to eliminate sagging. Heavy-duty Velcro ensures durability and wear-ability. The lower edge is lined with felt to provide padding and eliminate seed heads becoming caught.

The use of these boots prevents botfly eggs from being laid, reduces stress for your horse and enables less leg fatigue and hoof cracks from constant stomping. The boots also reduce the risk of spreading disease and the mesh allows air to circulate, making them especially comfortable for wounds.

Comes as a set of 4 boots.

Small: 34.5cm long, 44.5cm circumference at top, 34.5cm circumference at bottom

Medium: 375cm long, 47cm circumference at top, 37cm circumference at bottom

Large: 38cm long, 49.5cm circumference at top, 38cm circumference at bottom

Size and Colour
Mini Orange
Mini Blue
Small Blue
Small Orange
Medium Blue
Medium Orange
Large Blue
Large Orange