Mov-Ease is an equine supplement made from a proprietary blend of plant bioflavonoids. It's composed of Chinese herbs with anti-inflammatory effects. This herbal blend can be helpful for horses that suffer from stiffness and supports comfort during movement.

Mov-Ease is rich in antioxidants, compounds found in plants that neutralise or 'mop up' free radicals (uncharged molecules) that can harm cells from oxidation (oxidative stress). An excess of free radicals can damage healthy cells which may lead to a compromised immune system, illness, or nervous system issues.

Plant bioflavonoids in Mov-Ease have demonstrated anti-fibrotic properties, support liver function and combat inflammatory processes including some allergies and respiratory issues. Fibrosis is the formation of excess fibrous connective tissue in an organ or tissue in an inflammatory process.

There are no fillers, no additives or artificial ingredients. It's entirely a plant bioflavonoid product.