Bucas Power Turnout Lite

This is the ideal rug for anyone who can't be there to take the horses rug on and off during the day with changing weather conditions. The Bucas Power Turnout is suitable for temperatures ranging from -10° to 16°.

The Stay-Dry lining combined with a special heat reflective aluminium coating and silver outer helps regulate your horse's temperature across a wide range of temperatures.

The Bucas Power Turnout range offers the best possible strength, durability and quality. It provides perfect comfort and protection at both lower and higher temperatures than other rugs of similar weight. The rug can be put on a wet horse the same way as a sweat rug. It will quickly dry the horse and can be left on, thus avoiding extra rug changes.

Available in a Classic cut, with a Combi Neck sold separately.

Click’n Go closure system
Overlapping comfort front
Shoulder darts for extra shoulder room and a perfect fit
Ballistic nylon outer for ultimate strength
Waterproof and breathable
Heat-reflective aluminium coating reflects body heat to keep your horse warm
Stay-Dry lining wicks moisture away and ensures that your horse is always dry
Anti-bacterial lining to protect your horse and keep the rug fresh
Silk-feel lining of the shoulder area to prevent rubbing
Reflective strips on tail flap and front corners
Elastic leg straps
Attachment points for a Combi-Neck, Classic Cut only.

Colour – Silver (Reflective Aluminium) Only

Rug size