Banana Brush Kit

This 5-piece kit features a selection of three banana-shaped Borstiq brushes, a mane/tail/massage comb and a hoofpick. It all comes with a stylish hemp tote bag.

These brushes are of the finest quality, made in Sweden from Swedish hardwood, and are all ergonomically designed. The kit includes the full range of brushes, from the stiff dandy brush for removing mud through to the softest horse-hair finishing brush. The mane/tail/massage comb features wooden bristles, so is perfect for massaging tired muscles as well as combing through manes and tails.

This kit is excellent value for money.


Banana Dandy Brush
Banana Medium Brush
Banana Finishing Brush
Stubby Hoofpick (not a hoofpick with stud spanner as pictured)
Ergo Mane/Tail/Massage Brush
Natural Hemp Tote Bag