About - Technical Details

Ok, now for the technical stuff in case you are wondering what we build, what software we use and what we do with it:
  • We build theme based sites on Shopify and Wordpress for clients who want a fast, cost efffective build.
  • We build custom developed sites on Shopify for client who want maximum control over the final look of the site.
  • We design and build Shopify themes - let's be honest, we probably need to get a life, but some of us think coding is fun. And we wanted to give Shopify site owners a theme that was really fun to embellish.
  • We build Shopify apps
  • We doMailchimp templates
  • We do Shopify POS installations, for clients who have a bricks and mortar store and need a till, or who do trade shows and who need to be able to process a lot of orders in a hurry.
  • We make great looking Mailchimp templates, so you can send beautiful, well targeted mail to your emaillist.
  • We take great, website ready, photos of your products. We specialize in product photography - if you want someone to shoot your kids or your dog, we can recommend on of our very talented clients. 
  • We play nicely with the other kids. We are happy to work with your graphic designer, hardware supplier or photographer too.