Capital Nordic Walking

" Hunkering down during COVID lockdown gave us time to do a much-needed
refresh of the CNW Website - which we hope that you will love as much as
we do - see it HERE! The magnificent Bonnie Weston, The Avid
Organiser [and Nordic Walking fanatic!] has been working away behind
the scenes with the talented team at eChic to improve the look and
feel of the site and make it easier for everyone to find what they are
looking for!

A few new features on the website to check out......

Yes! Canberra is out of lock-down and lessons and group walks are back!

One of our biggest and constant challenges is explaining quickly and
simply how Nordic Walking is such an effective form of exercise that
beats other common activities, like jogging and cycling, hands down!
So we've developed this neat "Bang for your Buck" Infographic to
summarise how that it so! You'll find this on the home page of our new
website " 

Thanks so much Capital Nordic Walking, it has been a real pleasure to be working with you on this project.

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Thank you Mindlove!

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